Sunday 26 March 2023

Passion, Tide

This is your weekly reminder that there has been a liberal coup in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. See also this, this, this, this, this, this and this. Since no charge or even arrest has followed the alleged allegation against Bishop Robert Byrne CO, then it is fair to assume that there has never been a Police investigation into His Lordship. He should now sue every media outlet that had suggested that there was one. An Oratorian does not take a vow of poverty, and the English Oratories have friends who could afford any lawyer in London.

In the long run, what do Bishop Byrne's overthrowers and defamers, the people who drove Canon McCoy to suicide, expect to achieve? In parts of Continental Europe and North America, they already have what they want to such an extent that men attending Mass are reported to the Police as a matter of policy because they are  considered so suspicious, although such reports are vanishingly rare, because so is such attendance. The women, meanwhile, have long retired, mostly from the employ of the Church.

Throughout the West, people who defined themselves by voluntarily having few or no children, and by not making converts as a matter of principle, are now wondering why they are being supplanted by the numerous children and grandchildren of those of their contemporaries who had adhered to the Teaching of the Church, by converts, and by young people who may as well be, having taught themselves the Faith from the Internet and from books bought via it, bypassing the doctrine-free hour that Catholic schools expected them to spend every day colouring in pictures illustrative of the need to be nice.

Further afield, the lands of accurate catechesis and of edifying liturgy are so alive with the Gospel that they have young priests to send here as missionaries, deliciously exposing the racism and imperialism of white liberals, which is always good to see on full, hilarious display. Should the Synod ever meet, then it would be the greatest ever such circus. Although no one seems to be queuing up to be its attendee from Hexham and Newcastle.


  1. If you thought you were a legend before, you are beyond that now.