Sunday 5 March 2023

Northern, Cross

This is your weekly reminder that there has been a liberal coup in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. See also this, this, this and this. The Oxford Oratory has friends who could afford any lawyer in London, so Bishop Robert Byrne CO should sue for defamation. As all five of those posts set out, the damage has been done. But over the last month, we have worn down the official version of these events until nothing remains. Not a thing.

Although when I say "we", then that mostly means "I". Even this month's Northern Cross carries only a brief report on confidential meetings with the clergy, and two angry letters about how the whole thing had been handled, but in January every national news title ran the original falsehoods, so aged Associate Editors of The Spectator have been as deafeningly silent as ageing Daily Telegraph glamour boys who did turns on Radio Four and Question Time

Speaking of hair, this morning not only did the so-called elders of this parish allege that I dyed mine, but they enlisted the altar boys to agree with them, in an alliance of old gits and cheeky little sods. I'll have them all know that this is my own beautiful, natural hair colour. And I would urge them all, and everyone else, to read those links.


  1. Tim Stanley was on Politics Live, he has had his haircut, but you're right, he and Damian Thompson have been totally missing in action.

    1. Considering how much we have managed, who needs them?