Monday 20 March 2023

Let's Go Bananas?

Keir Starmer is preparing to disappoint certain frontbenchers by appointing various old troupers straight to Ministerial office upon their return to the House of Commons. Top of the list are Douglas Alexander, who has already been selected to contest Labour's number one target seat in Scotland at East Lothian, and David Miliband, who by the time of the next General Election will have been living in New York for well over a decade.

When these people were in office, then Alexander was known as "Wee Dougie", only there because he was the son of Gordon Brown's best mate at university (I have never been able to confirm it, but the persistent rumour was that he was Brown's godson), while Miliband was even more of a joke, with his banana. But Miliband is in fact a very evil man. George Galloway has said in the past that he would do to him what George had done to Roy Jenkins. Bring it on.

Constituency Labour Parties, if you selected Miliband, then you would be putting Galloway on the ballot paper. Whatever the outcome, then your constituency would be the scene of one of George's campaigns. Would you want that? The rest of us would absolutely love it.


  1. Miliband will be wanting a seat in the North East, he's always thought he was well liked here.

    1. And there are now far fewer Labour seats here to chose from. If Kevan retired in his favour just as Lanchester was moved into North Durham, then I would have to give George a clear run. I might then go for Blaydon and Consett instead, which Richard will if he has any sense.