Tuesday 7 March 2023

A Boy Named Sue

Eddie Izzard can call himself Suzy to his heart's content. The practice could become as traditional as women named Michael, from Miss Michael Learned to Princess Michael of Kent. Izzard used to say that, "They are not women's clothes, they are my clothes, I bought them." Who could have argued with that? Yet now he calls himself "she". He does not do so as a harmless quirk. To be polite or compassionate, some of us might have indulged that. Male transvestism is one of the most venerable of British eccentricities. But Izzard is using feminine pronouns as a pretext for accessing women's single-sex facilities. Therefore, and however regretfully, we do have to insist against it.

The case of Wayne Couzens has put indecent exposure in the news. Well, neither in Iran, nor even in Afghanistan, would a mother who took her small daughter into the women's showers or changing rooms be confronted, at the little girl's eye level, with postpubescent male genitalia. That may not be the worst form of sexual assault, but it is a form. As is being made to imagine other people's genitals, a mental image that transgender activists insist on inflicting upon the rest of us. All of this was inconceivable in 2010. It has happened entirely under the people who allow the unwitting to imagine that they are against it. Although, to give them their due, they never quite claim that they are.