Thursday 23 March 2023


He voted against the Windsor Framework, so Boris Johnson has the DUP, just in case.

But he knows that almost no Conservative MP could stand in front of a constituency association and defend having voted with Harriet Harman, of all people, against any fellow Conservative, never mind the one whom nearly everybody else in that room would regard as the rightful Prime Minister.

This Committee's report could say absolutely anything, but unless it fully exonerated Johnson to his express satisfaction, then it would not be approved by the House of Commons, and that is just that.



  2. Little Jeffrey argues for dual controls while Sammy argues against it.A party hopelessly split from top to bottom. I wonder if the Daily Telegraph still has the names of any the premium movies Jeffrey watched in his hotel room at the taxpayers expense?

  3. You really think Boris could do a Enoch parachuted into a Northern Ireland constituency on a DUP ticket? Boris his language on gays and ethnic minorities might go down well with the grassroots but his personal life when it comes to abortion I don’t think so.

    1. Oh, no, just that the DUP will now vote with him against the Harman Report. But so will more than enough other people, who always would have done.