Tuesday 7 March 2023

All Perspectives Limited?

Whinge about Lee Anderson if you must, but don't ask, don't get. Recall the interviewees on Sputnik, Going Underground and The Alex Salmond Show. The ones from or about abroad were objectionable enough to our betters, but the ones from and about real life in the real Britain were intolerable to them. George Galloway, Afshin Rattansi and Alex Salmond should approach GB News and TalkTV. For an hour apiece, that would be three weekday evenings taken care of.

On a fourth, huge numbers of advertisers' potential consumers would watch The Jeremy Corbyn Show. And let there be a live and interactive question-and-answer panel programme, with Galloway, Corbyn, Nigel Farage, Peter Hitchens, Lisa McKenzie and Claire Fox. That would easily be the channel's biggest hit of every week. Does it want that sort of advertising revenue, or not? The business of business is business.