Wednesday 22 March 2023


There were all of 22 Conservative votes against Maastricht 31 years ago, and this afternoon there were all of 22 Conservative votes against the Windsor Framework, plus Andrew Bridgen. In total, one twenty-second of the House of Commons opposed it. Even I had expected more than that. There were also 48 Conservatives with no vote recorded, plus Julian Knight and Chris Pincher, but while some of those 50 will have abstained, others will no more have done so than, say, the several members of the Shadow Cabinet who also found that they had other places to be.

Welcome to the same Deep State that is subjecting Boris Johnson to a kangaroo court (for all that he is as guilty as hell), that defenestrated Jeremy Corbyn, that egged on violence against Nigel Farage, that incited the attempted murder of George Galloway, that tried to imprison Alex Salmond for the rest of his life, and that persecutes the world-historical figure of Julian Assange. Each of those will always be much bigger than any of his enemies, but the point still stands. Meanwhile, who knows how many hundreds of thousands of us are its lower level victims? Yet we fight on. Or, at any rate, I do.


  1. They could not even get one Tory MP to act as a teller both the tellers were from the DUP. One DUP MP has obviously more important things to do he has an Early Day Motion congratulating Dolly Parton on writing I will always love you. It has more support 32 signatures then his party has in opposing the Windsor Framework.

    1. There might have been a larger Conservative rebellion if it had not involved voting with the DUP.