Wednesday 29 March 2023

Essential Living Needs, And Nothing More?

Robert Jenrick was so bent that even Boris Johnson had to sack him. But he is back now, his £45 million to Paul Desmond quietly forgotten, although the billionaire Desmond had to give him only £12,000 to get it. What a cheap date Jenrick is.

Still, it all adds up. Jenrick's manor house in Hertfordshire is worth over a million pounds, and his two houses in London are worth two million each. His own business, you say? Is he not claiming a penny of expenses towards them, then?

Even if Jenrick really were making full use of his three publicly subsidised private houses within a few miles of each other, none of them anywhere near his constituency, then at the last count there were 676,452 empty homes in England alone. 40,000 asylum seekers could easily be given one each.

If we are to have prison ships, then they should be for the likes of Rishi Sunak, who, hot on the heels of his impossible tax return, has failed to declare his wife's shares in a childcare agency that will benefit from the Budget. Or Jenrick, so bent that even Johnson had to sack him.


  1. Good to see you back attacking the Tories.

    1. They, Labour and the SNP get one each tonight. But "back"?

  2. Be fair the Tories get most of his ire. And rightly so after all they have been the Government for the past 13 years. Any criticism of the Labour Party is one of disappointment like that of a dear old friend who has recently gone off the rails.