Friday 24 March 2023

Southside Blues?

What if Humza Yousaf won, as by now he very well may have done? That would be thanks to early voters, many of whom must now have buyer's remorse, as well as non-members, deceased persons, fictional characters, and so forth. Yousaf has the support of enough MSPs to confirm him in office as First Minister, as has to happen under the Holyrood system. But how long could he possibly last?

Then there will presumably be a byelection to succeed Nicola Sturgeon at Glasgow Southside. Not much could persuade me to advocate voting for a Holyrood or Westminster candidate who was in favour of Scottish independence. Indeed, the only thing that could, would be to advocate voting for Alex Salmond or Craig Murray at that byelection.


  1. Salmond trying to succeed Sturgeon, please make it happen.

    1. I would if I could. There are those who could.