Wednesday 22 March 2023

Goldie's Chain

20 years on, and Fallujah still suffers from the cancers and the birth defects that we imposed on it, so we are sending depleted uranium to Ukraine. The difference between depleted uranium and radiological weapons, such as polonium-210, would strike most people as sophistic, and that would be a polite way of putting it. But what can we do?

Well, as an elder of the Church of Scotland, Annabel Goldie presumably spends her weekends there. What was the timeline of this decision? If it was taken in whole or in part within the jurisdiction of Edinburgh's High Court of Justiciary, then that Court ought to be petitioned to exercise its declaratory power, to the effect that this was so clearly comparable to an existing crime as to constitute a criminal act in itself. That is a very, very, very long shot. But it is the best that we have.


  1. Do you reckon this could happen?

    1. Someone in Scotland needs to put it to the test.