Wednesday 22 March 2023

Necessary For Work Purposes

I would cheerfully see Boris Johnson on trial alongside Matt Hancock, and then for his self-serving scuppering of a peace deal in Ukraine.

But those of us who have been before kangaroo courts of our political enemies know what they look like, so we knew that we were looking at one today. And what was its burden of proof?

On the balance of probabilities, did Johnson intentionally or recklessly mislead Parliament? Yes, of course. Intentionally. But has the evidence submitted to the Privileges Committee proved that beyond reasonable doubt? No. No, it has not.

In any case, there is no way that a House of Commons more than half the members of which had to answer to constituency Conservative associations is ever going to accept any report other than Johnson's full exoneration, so this is all a waste of time.


  1. Everyone will laugh at you for saying this until it happens.