Friday 31 March 2023

Orders The Immediate Release

Andrew Tate has been placed under house arrest, but he is out of prison. I am sure that I could stand no more than a few seconds in his company, but I cannot imagine that the United States would allow a white liberal American citizen to be treated as he has been, and I would not be at all surprised if little or nothing ended up coming of this.

I am a very accomplished rat-smeller. See Cardinal Pell, Julian Assange, Alex Salmond, Ched Evans, and the victims of Freya Heath, whose conviction was merely set aside on a procedural technicality. This has nothing to do with liking anyone. The beatification will presumably be the occasion of a Papal Visit to Australia, but if possible I shall be in Rome for the canonisation of Cardinal Pell. To keep Assange’s work going, then I would die in his stead. While I am opposed to the marrow of my bones to the political cause to which Salmond has devoted his life, I expect that he and I would get on. But I doubt that Evans and I would find much to talk about. I know that Heath’s victims and I would have more than enough for a very heated discussion indeed. And I have already said what I thought of Tate.

It is increasingly obvious that I have also been right all along about Prince Andrew, in whose defence I have been uniquely consistent. Moreover, since no charge or even arrest has followed the alleged allegation against Bishop Robert Byrne CO, then it is fair to assume that there has never been a Police investigation into His Lordship. He should now sue every media outlet that had suggested that there was one. An Oratorian does not take a vow of poverty, and the English Oratories have friends who could afford any lawyer in London. Despite the ostentatious traditionalism of certain aged Spectator Associate Editors and ageing Telegraph glamour boys, I alone have publicly defended Bishop Byrne. I have done so from the very start.