Wednesday 10 August 2022

Not Afraid of a Raid

Donald Trump has been raided, although even conviction and incarceration would not preclude his contesting the 2024 Presidential Election, which he is expected to win or no one would have bothered to have staged this raid. It has proved thoroughly counterproductive.

Boris Johnson is to face a kangaroo court of his most abusive enemies, chaired by a person who was morally unfit to sit in judgement on him or anyone else, and with no remit except to force a by-election that the 2019 candidate, the Corbyn-supporting Ali Milani, was not being lined up to contest. Someone from the Left should.

Jeremy Corbyn himself faced similar treatment from the Deep State in the form of something called "the Equality and Human Rights Commission". Its findings and those of the Forde Report cannot both be correct, and even this Government has sacked the Blairite operatives, the agents of a terrorist state, who had written the EHRC's.

Trump, Johnson, Corbyn, the oft-assaulted Nigel Farage, the nearly murdered George Galloway, the Alex Salmond whom they tried to send to prison for the rest of his life, and numerous others, of whom there must be hundreds of thousands in Britain alone since even I am among them: they are not going to stop until we are dead. Nor are we.


  1. Who would you like to see contest the by-election for Johnson's seat?

    1. Johnson.

      And someone from the Left, which would be a local decision.