Wednesday 10 August 2022

Plant Life

CBS has taken down a perfectly factual documentary about where American public money was going, on the orders of a Ukrainian regime that demands the return of control of Zaporizhzhia or it will bomb a nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

Until today, the BBC and the rest of the usual suspects were saying that the Russians were simultaneously shelling Zaporizhzhia and occupying it as a shield. The line has now changed to the fact that the plant "was shelled", but not to saying by whom that must have been done.

More and more people can see what some of us have been saying from the start, that as in most wars there is no good side in this one, and in any case no British strategic interest in the victory or defeat of either of them. Arming one of them arms whoever might be on that side while antagonising the other one.

Once again, what we are encouraging abroad would, or at least should, meet our full force at home, and vice versa. In 2013, Pavlo Lapshyn murdered 82-year-old Mohammed Saleem in Birmingham, before putting bombs outside three mosques in this country. Lapshyn belonged, and presumably still does belong, to the Wotanjugend, which is closely allied to the Azov Battalion, being led by its "political ideologist", Alexey Levkin. 

In August 2020, Lapshyn pleaded guilty to a count of preparing an explosive substance in his cell. Our genius of a Foreign Secretary, who is weeks away from becoming Prime Minister, actively encourages our people to engage in the criminal act of going to Ukraine to join his organisation. Those who had survived will bring home all of those weapons which we had sent them, together with both the knowledge and the desire to use them.

Not that Lapshyn would recognise things these days. Levkin and his ilk are bringing in IS fighters from Syria. Older readers will remember IS. Shamima Begum went off to join it in Syria when we were aiding and abetting it there while bombing it across the Sykes-Picot Line in Iraq, where our intervention had created it in the first place. It is now part of the side that we are backing in Ukraine, while, yet again, everyone who knows anything at all about the subject is pointing out that our position is suicidally insane. Our rulers never learn.


  1. Unfortunately you'll be proved right.

    1. It will give me no pleasure. It very rarely does.