Monday 15 August 2022

Straying Dogs

What goes around, comes around. You would have had to have been dead not to have laughed at the turning against Keir Starmer by the Campaign Against Antisemitism.

Treated as having the last word by the enemies of Starmer's predecessor, that Campaign is in fact the astroturfed rump of a London Conservative organisation that not very long ago could make Boris Johnson a two-term Mayor, but which has recently lost the ward that contained Mayfair.

And now, there is the outcry over Liz Truss's drivel about "woke Civil Service culture that strays into antisemitism". The people who dog-whistle for a living know it when they hear it, and they do not like it when they are the ones being whistled at. You would have to be dead not to laugh. What goes around, comes around.