Thursday 11 August 2022


"Ukraine and Coronavirus" is an excuse that any of us might deploy in relation to anything at all. Uncharacteristically, unwittingly, one might even say "inadvertently", David Lammy has served a useful purpose.

His 15 breaches knock Keir Stamer's eight into a cocked hat, but they do add up only to a trifling £20,910, an inconsiderable sum at any time, never mind in the midst of today's confident mass affluence.

It was not as if Lammy had forgotten about owning land worth millions of pounds, still managed to sell it, forgotten to tell the parliamentary authorities about the sale, blamed his staff (although Lammy has also done that), and then registered insultingly less money than he could possibly have made.

The only people who even pretend to believe that I am guilty of anything are the same individuals who let Starmer off over his blatant breach of lockdown regulations in Durham. Every Defence brief should now be arguing that jurors could only trust any Police investigation if they believed that Starmer was innocent. At Crown Court, then no one would ever be convicted of anything.