Friday 12 August 2022

We Can't Afford Not To

What is going to happen this winter, when millions of people simply did not pay bills that they simply could not pay? Even cutting off their gas or electricity would not settle the debt. Are bailiffs going to turn up at that many doors? And take away what, exactly?

Bailing out Bulb Energy alone cost £2.2 billion. Bailing out the entire sector would cost £35 billion. Rishi Sunak cheerfully wrote of £4.3 billion in fraudulent Covid-19 loans.

But the renationalisation of energy would cost £2.8 billion, and would therefore be "unaffordable".  Of course. At most, it could be considered only as a temporary measure, because in general privatisation had been working so well. Of course.


  1. The Tories might yet do this. It's Labour that never would.

    1. The Tories would not do it very well, but yes.