Friday 5 August 2022

Areas Like This

Valiant back-covering by Rishi Sunak and his supporters, but of course he meant exactly what he said.

He had long enough as Chief Secretary to the Treasury and then as Chancellor of the Exchequer at least to begin to do as he now suggests. But in fact, he did precisely as he described to the Conservative Party members of Tunbridge Wells.

On 9th February 2019, Jeremy Corbyn bemoaned it to the Labour local government conference in Coventry. It was not denied at the time, and it has now been admitted with positive pride from the horse's mouth.

If it is not this, then it is Liz Truss, with her warmed up old idea from the Blair years to abolish the middle class in much of the country, and to devastate the economy of most of it, by making public sector professional and managerial positions impossible to fill outside the wealthier parts of the South.

Rachel Reeves has committed Labour to whatever economic policy it inherited, so a vote for Labour would be a vote for one or other of these. Indeed, since Labour's only economic or foreign policy is to outflank the Conservatives from the right of wherever they happened to be, then a vote for Labour would be a vote for both of them.