Wednesday 3 August 2022

Clearly Stated Support

“Pouring arms in isn’t going to bring about a solution, it’s only going to prolong and exaggerate this war. We might be in for years and years of a war in Ukraine.” That is a statement of the obvious on the part of Jeremy Corbyn. Everyone will soon pretend to have said it all along.

“What I find disappointing is that hardly any of the world’s leaders use the word peace; they always use the language of more war, and more bellicose war. This war is disastrous for the people of Ukraine, for the people of Russia, and for the safety and security of the whole world, and therefore there has to be much more effort put into peace.” He has been right about the other wars. Why would he not be right this time?

That the anti-Semitism business was a hoax and a scam has been established by the Forde Report, and that it was about Corbyns support for the Palestinians was the other side’s own case even at the time, since that is the IHRA Definition that Corbyn was foolish enough to bow to them and adopt. I would cheerfully go back to prison rather than sign that. I would sooner die than make such a subscription.

“I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that my clearly stated support for the right of Palestinian people to be able to live in peace free from occupation, free from being under siege as in Gaza, and for those living in refugee camps, played a factor in all this. Benjamin Netanyahu couldn’t wait to condemn me for my support for the Palestinian people.” Precisely so, even if he did give far too much ground to elements that could never have been placated. That is to say, he gave any ground whatever to elements that could never have been placated. They themselves said this at the time.

The Forde Report has also confirmed the extreme racism of a Labour Party staff that was, moreover, at least as far to the right as Corbyn’s circle was to the left. While racially abusing Diane Abbott and others, that staff stole at least £130,000 for its party within a party, thereby sabotaging the 2017 General Election campaign. It is all there, in black and white. Martin Forde is a black QC whose discovery of exactly the hierarchy of racism that some of us had always pointed out has been ignored in a perfect demonstration of that hierarchy. So far as I am aware, no media outlet has interviewed him.

Bringing us to Corbyns decision to be interviewed by Al Mayadeen. Who would have been better? The BBC? Channel 4 News? They would never have asked him, any more than they would ever acknowledge the existence of Forde or his Report. Had they given airtime to Corbyn, then he would have been shouted over, in between the smarmy gotcha questions. There are full-blown academic studies of what the Deep State media did to him, although he is on course for some revenge by becoming Mayor of their metropolis without breaking sweat.

Here on the Left, the real one that defines itself by its belief in economic equality and in international peace, we are expected to be prepared to go to the stake for such pillars of the Deep State as the academic Establishment, the BBC, the Channel Four Television Corporation, The Guardian, The Observer, the Labour Party in general, and its municipal control over social services and education in particular, bringing us back round to Deep State academia. What have they ever done for us? Like others of their ilk, such as the Crown Prosecution Service or the Equality and Human Rights Commission, they regard us exactly as they regard Boris Johnson. We should do as he does, and return the compliment.


  1. Spot on, it says it all nobody has interviewed Forde himself.