Sunday 7 August 2022

Chinese Takeaway?

Xi Jinping has many things wrong with him, but he has the advantage over Nancy Pelosi that he is sober, and he has the advantage over Joe Biden that he is not in an advanced state of cognitive collapse.

If China had wanted to conquer Taiwan by force, then it would have done so without difficulty in 1949. It wants a peaceful solution, and it is prepared to wait for one. Just so long as no one waded in from outside. And in any practical way, who would?

Then there are you real or wannabe Bertie Woosters, although they think that you are George Smileys or James Bonds, who rant on about whatever the "deal" was supposed to have been over Hong Kong.

Even if you were right in principle, and you may or not be for all that it matters in practice, then what do you imagine that you or anyone else could possibly do about it?

Belt and Road country after Belt and Road country will parade at tomorrow's Closing Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. Every one of them is on it voluntarily, because that is where the money is.

Some of them have the Queen as Head of State, meaning that she is formally a signatory to the Belt and Road several times over. Where is your Empire now?

What a thing it must be to be confronted with the fact that you do not matter in the least, and that people like you have not done so since 1956 at the latest. Welcome to the real world.


  1. That first paragraph made me howl and it's not even a joke.