Saturday 20 August 2022

Polling Cards On The Table

43 per cent for Labour in one poll is lower than it polled fairly regularly under Jeremy Corbyn, and none of those occasions was in the middle of a Conservative Leadership Election or the worst cost of living crisis in at least a generation, never mind both.

In any case, it is academic, since Keir Starmer has bankrupted Corbyn's financially healthy party, which therefore could not afford to fight a General Election campaign. And even if it could, then Starmer's staggering and ongoing record as a liar would make the Conservative campaign a classic of the genre.

It is no wonder that the process to select a Labour candidate here at North West Durham has still not even begun. In 2019, Labour lost this seat for the first time and by only 1,144 votes. If you do not want a mixed-race MP, then contact Feel free to copy in


  1. Another week and still no Labour candidate.

    1. Nor even the beginning of the process of selecting one.