Monday 15 August 2022

No Energy

And so Keir Starmer belatedly adopts the policy of the more pro-austerity and pro-war party to the Coalition, led as that party is by a man who was a Minister on every day of the Coalition and in the Cabinet for most of it, before Starmer was in Parliament at all.

Starmer was going to have been in The Novel, idea in the Mind of God though it remains. Many decades past 100, he was still going to have been alive thanks to his thrice-daily ration of Palestinian and Yemeni babies, cooked like suckling pigs. But why bother? The Novel is supposed to be one for the ages. In four years' time, then no one will remember Starmer's name.


  1. You could also have had Starmer desserting on kiddies and old folks who had frozen to death.

    1. Yes, but what would have been the point? Who will remember him in the very near future?