Tuesday 16 August 2022

Wage Rage

A three per cent fall in wages is the fastest since records began. Anyone would think that wages were not driving inflation. In other news, bonuses at the top are still going through the roof. Bonuses for what?

"We need more graft," opines Liz Truss. What graft has she ever done? British workers, whom she has called "the worst idlers in the world", put in the longest hours in Europe, averaging 42 per week. 52 per cent of households are in receipt of one or more state benefits, because working every hour God sends still does not keep people from the permanent cusp of destitution.

It is questionable in itself that you cannot stand on a picket line if you sit at a Cabinet table, but no member of the Labour Party has done the latter in 12 years. From the shop floor to the floor of the House, protesting against bad Government policy is exactly what the Opposition is paid to do.


  1. Liz wants Brits to be more like the Chinese. Still her belief in families staying together must come as a shock to the former wife of Mark Field.She really will say anything to get elected leader won’t she?