Friday 5 August 2022

Full Responsibility

Keir Starmer has been found guilty of a whopping eight breaches of the MPs' code of conduct. He is blaming his staff. They should go on strike. What a picket line that would be.

How could his staff possibly have known about his land deal? And how much money are we talking about? Even here in a county that he will presumably be avoiding for some time, land does not sell for twenty quid. If this was something to do with his family, then one assumes that it was in Surrey. That is an awful lot of money to forget about.

Starmer is always claiming at Prime Minister's Questions that he had prosecuted terrorists, or rapists, or Chris Huhne, or whoever. It is inconceivable that the decision not to charge someone as famous and as well-connected as Jimmy Savile was taken by anyone other than the then Director of Public Prosecutions. 

To stand as a Labour candidate at the next General Election would be to endorse that decision, raising serious questions about your own sexual interest in children, just as the whole business not merely raises but pretty much answers the question of Starmer's. The metropolitan liberal elite, indeed. The Deep State.

Any Labour candidate here at North West Durham would be asked those questions by me online, in print, on the airwaves, and on the stump. As well as about Starmer's dodgy land deal, his proven crookedness in general, and his blaming of his staff for it. That said, there is absolutely no sign that there is going to be a Labour candidate at North West Durham.

Already, the only people who even pretend to believe that I am guilty of anything are the same individuals who let Starmer off over his blatant breach of lockdown regulations in Durham. Every Defence brief should now be arguing that jurors could only trust any Police investigation if they believed that Starmer was innocent. At Crown Court, then no one would ever be convicted of anything.


  1. Only viewers of GB News are allowed to hear about this huge story.