Monday 8 August 2022

Searching Questions

I am as anti-drugs as they come. On this issue, I am fully on board with Peter Hitchens, except that, unlike him, I have never taken an illegal drug. I can say that having been both to university and to prison. With that in mind, I ask these questions.

When the 15-year-old David Cameron was found in possession of cannabis at school, then was he strip-searched? Were the Police called at all? There are lots of commercial schools in the area covered by the Metropolitan Police, and there is also a concentration of super-exclusive state ones. Are those institutions drug-free? If they are not, then are their pupils strip-searched by the Police?


  1. Class more than race, you think?

    1. Race and class mirror each other. Five years ago, people who were used to unlined faces at 50 insisted that refugees who looked like the teenage boys round here, and those had not been in a war zone, must in fact have been far older. And boys of colour, especially black boys, always "look older" to those white people who are determined to be frightened of them.

      Fear of the black male is fundamental to the culture of Anglo-American liberals, who are the heirs of the slavers who founded the Manchester Guardian and the American Republic. Only six black men have ever sat as Labour MPs, there are only three at the moment, there are only two black men as Labour Peers, no black man has ever been elected as a Liberal or a Liberal Democrat MP (or for the SDP), and no black man has ever sat as a Peer for the Lib Dems or for their predecessors.

      This is not identity politics. Our struggle is integral and even fundamental to the struggle for economic equality led by the working class, since the roots of the present economic order are in the slave trade, which, perhaps most strikingly, was what financed enclosure here in Britain.