Saturday 6 August 2022

We Need To Get Real About This Situation

Either Rishi Sunak is describing what Liz Truss will in fact have to do as the winter impended, or Truss is going to do absolutely nothing.

By then, the only support for her current proposals would come from the Labour Party, which would, however, wholeheartedly support Sunak's thoroughly Blairite proposal to "crack down" on university degrees that did not improve "earning potential".

These could only be the last days of a polity. In the very near future, we shall have the opportunity to replace it with something better.


  1. We know what you mean by "something better".

    1. Be in no doubt that we are the future, one way or another. 50 years' time is the very latest that I might remotely realistically be alive. Here in Britain, for example, either we shall have won by then, or we shall have been driven underground or into exile, those of us who were not in prison or martyred. And 50 years after that, and 50 years after that again, and so on until we had prevailed.