Monday 22 August 2022

Flushing It All Out

There is little skill, and no financial risk, in managing a regional franchise to collect rain in reservoirs and then disperse it through pipes that were already there. The least that you can do is not defecate into the rivers or the sea. Yet that is what is happening.

But do not expect criminal proceedings. The Crown Prosecution Service could see no hope of a conviction in the case of P&O, so it will see none here, either. And remember, the position of the CPS is the position both of the State and of Keir Starmer. Still, at least neither the water companies nor P&O have had more than six people on a picket line. They would already have been in prison if they had done that.

There is no such thing as a below inflation pay rise. That is called a pay cut. If you are still paying dividends, never mind bonuses at the top, then you have no excuse for offering that, and least of all if you are publicly subsidised, in which case you do not really belong in the private sector at all, as two thirds of voters recognise.

Simply bypassing the useless Official Opposition, the strikes have made leaders of the people out of the leaders of the RMT, which is not affiliated to the Labour Party. Figures such as Mick Lynch, Eddie Dempsey and Alex Gordon campaigned for Brexit from a left-wing perspective, and dare to speak the truth about Ukraine and other conflicts from the point of view of the class that fights wars rather than the class that starts them.

Enough is Enough already has as many members as the Labour Party, and that membership is growing while Labour's is collapsing. As they campaign for a mere six month sticking plaster that would give the energy companies 10 times more public money than it would cost to nationalise them forever, then the liberal bourgeoisie and its ridiculous parties are utterly irrelevant.