Wednesday 3 August 2022

A Load of Ballots

I have to say this for Boris Johnson, no one petitioned to stop the resignation of Theresa May, David Cameron or Tony Blair. If Johnson were on the ballot paper, then he would win, just as Jeremy Corbyn would win Leader of the Labour Party, would win Mayor of London on the first round of counting, and would see a Labour opponent at Islington North lucky to place third or to avoid a lost deposit as Corbyn took more than 50 per cent of the vote. Without Corbyn, then Labour is ahead by a mere one point, and thus statistically tied with a party that has no Leader. No matter how predictable or obvious, everything that Corbyn says is news. So it will be with Johnson, and very, very soon.

Conservative Party members are being allowed to vote online as well as on paper, and were even to have been able to do both so long as only the more recent would have counted. That is an open invitation to the spooks, who have the closest possible ties to the party's bureaucracy, to allege "cyber-hacking" by Russia, China or both. And here we are. Liz Truss's election has been called into question even before it has happened, while the baseless calumny of such interference in British elections has again been introduced into the public mind.

The Deep State will never stop peddling the lie that the Brexit referendum was somehow rigged by Vladimir Putin, while we are already getting voter suppression laws to counter nonexistent electoral fraud that it beggars belief that a Government elected with an overall majority of 80 would wish to suggest were a problem. Notice that GCHQ is monitoring the Conservative Leadership Election. In ordinary elections or referendums, the number on your ballot paper, the number on your polling card, and the number next to your name on the electoral register, all correspond. Think on.


  1. If you won an election, would the Kremlin have rigged it?

    1. If I placed below Labour at North West Durham, then the Labour stay-behind network at North West Durham would have rigged it. But there is no Labour candidate at North West Durham, anyway.