Friday 12 August 2022

No Last Sigh Here

I was going to post something on Monday about the seventy-fifth birthday of Saleem Sinai.

He is a standard elite liberal politically, but I am a huge fan of Salman Rushdie as a novelist. If there is a more imaginative writer of fiction in English today, then please let me know who that is.

If anyone had still wanted to implement the Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwa, then that would have happened a long time ago. It is no longer Iranian policy, just one of an immeasurable number of fatwas, on every issue under the Sun, to have been issued by scholars who, being dead, cannot rescind them. Instead, among the living, things move on.

Mark my words, this attacker may or may not have been a nominal or even a practising Muslim, but he was on one or more of illegal drugs (probably cannabis), antidepressants, and something like Ritalin.

The Right used to hate Rushdie. He himself made no bones about his dislike of Thatcher's Britain, and its outriders therefore denounced him in the strongest possible terms as an ungrateful immigrant who had brought his persecution on himself.


  1. Once again Mr Lindsay, a total misunderstanding of the effects of certain drugs. How do you know he was on any of them? It is unlikely that cannabis would have that sort of effect on anyone who is under the influence at the time. They would also be pretty slow and useless!

    1. As I said, Scooby Doo stuff, straight out of some Hollywood stoner movie.