Saturday 13 August 2022


If you did not feel safer in the knowledge that Joe Biden had one of the world's sets of nuclear codes, then you must do so in the knowledge that, since it is a problem for a former President to take them home, those codes must never change.

Bill Clinton left office as a very clever 54-year-old, and Barack Obama did so as a 55-year-old with no flies on him. George W. Bush was 62 and he was George W. Bush, but he had quite the entourage. Think on.

We are told that for a warrant to have been issued against Donald Trump under the Espionage Act, then the judge to whom application had been made would have had to have been shown probable cause.

But probable cause is not in itself the same thing as proof, and in any case Julian Assange has also been charged under that Act.

He has been so on the "testimony" of Siggi Thordarson, a convicted fraudster and paedophile whom the FBI paid $10,000, and who has since admitted that he had made up the whole thing.