Tuesday 16 August 2022

Declassify This

Since Donald Trump was still President when he took or sent those documents to Mar-a-Lago, then did he not have the power to declassify anything he pleased? But never try to suggest to Americans that the problem might be their Constitution itself.

Their wannabes in liberal Britain are even worse, though. Probably unwittingly, the objects of those wannabes' infatuation have become them, cheering on the FBI and the Espionage Act like members or courtiers of the Blair Government or the Starmer frontbench.

The same spirit applauds the Ukrainian shelling in Ukraine of Europe's largest nuclear power plant, applauds the starvation of the women and children of Afghanistan by means of a sanctions regime that poetically mirrors the immiseration of our own people by means of sanctions that are not hurting Russia in the least, and applauds what is now Israel's admitted killing of five children in Jabalya, killings that the owners of the most advanced military equipment in the world could only have committed as a political choice, as a show a strength by the present Israeli Government in relation to Benjamin Netanyahu.

On that last point, Keir Starmer, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak all want to make criticism illegal. If it is not already, due to public bodies' adoption of the IHRA Definition. I would cheerfully go back to prison rather than sign that Definition. I would sooner die than make such a subscription. For that stand and for my support for the Dalits, I have been subject to intercontinental, state-sponsored terrorism for five years and countingThat threat remains in effect, while Google regularly locates me to the ward of the man who arranged it, where I have never lived or worked.

Despite having been ordered off Twitter while the right-wing Labour machine made its own arrangements, the mentally unstable alcoholic who still craves the Labour nomination here at North West Durham, and who thinks that I make things go bump in the night, was recently in Jerusalem, making alternative arrangements.


  1. Spot on, no wonder they hate you.

    1. Thank you, and of course I am very, very proud of their hatred.