Wednesday 10 August 2022


Israel has the most sophisticated military technology in the world. Out of the enormous sums granted by the United States with little or no Congressional questioning, it either develops its own, or it buys the top of the range at mates' rates from American corporations that funnel much of that cash into both political parties.

Thus equipped, Israel has no need to take out a terrorist commander by bombing his entire street and killing his neighbours' children. At the last count, Israeli bombardment has killed 16 children in Gaza in the last week. They have been killed as a matter of political choice.

To point out any of this is to be in breach of the IHRA Definition. I would cheerfully go back to prison rather than sign that Definition. I would sooner die than make such a subscription.

For that stand and for my support for the Dalits, I have been subject to intercontinental, state-sponsored terrorism for five years and counting. That threat remains in effect, while Google regularly locates me to the ward of the man who arranged it, where I have never lived or worked.


  1. Arrangements have been made in Jerusalem in recent days to have another pop at you.