Saturday 6 August 2022

And A Mule?

Imagine that any politician not favoured by the Deep State had been elected to the House of Commons in 2015 but had "forgotten" to declare a landholding until he had been in process of selling it in 2022.

Also note that of the £120,000 for the failure to register which Keir Starmer has been found to have broken the MPs' code of conduct eight times, £100,000 came from the sale of that land. He got only £100,000 for seven acres of a Surrey country town? Pull the other one.

Starmer is as dodgy as his claim to have represented the striking miners pro bono even though the Miners' Strike ended before he was called to the Bar. Imagine that from an unfavoured politician, either.

The only people who even pretend to believe that I am guilty of anything are the same individuals who let Starmer off over his blatant breach of lockdown regulations in Durham.

Every Defence brief should now be arguing that jurors could only trust any Police investigation if they believed that Starmer was innocent. At Crown Court, then no one would ever be convicted of anything.