Wednesday 20 July 2022

Visceral Disgust

"The criticisms of Diane Abbott are not simply a harsh response to perceived poor performance – they are expressions of visceral disgust, drawing on racist tropes, and they bear little resemblance to the criticisms of white male MPs elsewhere in the messages."

Strong stuff from the Forde Report, which is so desperate to do the "both sides" thing, as if the elected Leader and the hired help had equal authority, that it even speculates that there might have been an equally poisonous WhatsApp group in the Leader's Office on no grounds except that we cannot know that there was not.

Still, it confirms that allegations of anti-Semitism were "weaponised", and that is the word used, against Jeremy Corbyn. Pointing that out was exactly what lost him the whip that for some reason he seems to want back. Forde also confirms that the real problem was the anti-black racism of the Blairite staff, one of whom has been calling me a "Mulatto" for nearly 20 years, going back to when he was on the staff of the then Government Chief Whip.

Have these people been arrested? If not, why not? On top of everything else, they embezzled £130,000 for their unregistered political party, the maintenance of which means that they ought to be expelled from the Labour Party. Why is one of them still receiving the Labour whip in the House of Lords? And is the largest bank in the world comfortable employing another one as its Head of Media Relations? Going back to its days as Midland Bank, HSBC is still headquartered in Birmingham. It should be picketed by Angry Black Women. Led by Diane Abbott.


  1. Total vindication, the scammers have gone full headless chicken.

    1. So now they are after Starmer, and even Forde himself.