Friday 17 July 2020

Oliver Kamm Is A Fake Jew

I was present when the Police literally laughed it out, but the oddest thing of all about Oliver Kamm's cack-handed attempt to forge an anti-Semitic death threat against himself and then pin it on me is that he is not Jewish, anyway.

He is a very English pub bore atheist of the kind that needs to be sent to Paris to be taught how to do it properly, so he is hardly likely to have converted to Judaism.

And have you ever heard it suggested that Martin Bell was Jewish? No, neither have I. In that case, Anthea Bell was not Jewish, either. There would be few Jewish farmers in Suffolk even now, never mind before the War.

Not only does Oliver Kamm fake, with comical incompetence, anti-Semitic death threats against himself, but he is a fake Jew all round. He is neither a convert to Judaism, nor is he the child of a Jewish mother. He is not Jewish.

The next time that he accuses anyone of anti-Semitism, as he does whenever he is subjected to the slightest criticism, then remember that, and indeed remind him of it. He is not Jewish. In this age of fake news, he is one of the fake Jews.

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