Wednesday 22 July 2020

An Unreserved Apology For A Party

The Labour Party is halfway to bankruptcy by paying off its vile former staff, and it will go bust when it is sued by the members whose money those staff misappropriated in order to throw the 2017 General Election for the other side. Splendid.

Spooky Starmer, as he bragged of being at today's Prime Minister's Questions, is the most dangerously hawkish Leader of either party in living memory. He is a global menace, and Nandy is even worse. 

Notice that the Conservatives still have to bang on about Jeremy Corbyn. That is the way of distracting attention from the adoption of his economic policies, including the ones that he could never get past his own party machine, in order to hold onto the Red Wall and in order to make further gains here. 

This is not because of Covid-19. It began before that, and these measures are not temporary. Again, then, splendid. The Centre is the think tank for this new era. It already has plenty going on.

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