Monday 20 July 2020

Chinese Takeaway

Everyone who could be bothered to look them up has always known about the human rights abuses in China, and especially about those inherent in the population control programme, which Britain has been funding throughout its existence. Dominic Raab has not suggested for one second that that funding may cease.

Hong Kong under British rule was hardly a paragon of liberal democracy. The worst repression of all was under the Labour Government of the late 1960s. What is now called the Global South has rarely had much, if any, cause to thank a British Labour Government for anything.

And what has the new law in Hong Kong banned that was not already illegal in Britain? Rioting? Subversion? Collusion with foreign states to overthrow this one?

When he is not opposing the Government's economic policies from the right, then Keir Starmer is hectoring it for being insufficiently hawkish towards China, and also towards Russia. What does he want? A war? And will be calling for sanctions against Israel?

Or against the Saudi Arabia that inspires, funds and directs, not only Islamist terrorism on the streets of Britain, but also the Islamist terrorist insurgency among the Uighurs, whom we have suddenly discovered, having never given a damn about them before?

Oh, and do look up pan-Turkism while you are about it. Aren't you glad to be in NATO? Something else for which to thank a Labour Government. The best Government in British history, and the worst British Government in world history.

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