Wednesday 29 July 2020

Campaign For Chris

Chris Williamson has revealed that he has been named in the EHRC's confidential Draft Report into the Labour Party's handling of antisemitism. 

Chris will be taking legal action about this and other matters. As part of this, Chris has put together a legal team to fight the EHRC, and he needs our support. 

We need to raise £20,000 so that Chris can have the legal power at his disposal to properly take this forward. 

Chris has pledged that all funds that are recovered or left unused will be donated to the Left Legal Fighting Fund to assist other activists, just as he did when he won all his costs from the Labour Party after taking them to court last year. 

Our movement can’t rely on wealthy donors to get justice. But our collective solidarity will allow us to overcome, and defeat those who want to destroy the Left. 

Solidarity works. Together, let’s prove it. Please donate today.

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