Tuesday 21 July 2020

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Richard Holden is still pursuing the matter of his desire to become a Marra of the Durham Miners' Gala. It is all good fun. I like Richard. He has made a very good start. 

Although the law relating to local council candidates is tighter, the judge indicated what he thought of my conviction by intentionally giving me a sentence that left it open to me to stand for Parliament again. But I shall not be doing so. 

Meaning that I shall probably vote for Richard next time. Certainly, if he has delivered on several local promises. The Labour names doing the rounds are most uninspiring.

Richard's campaign has some people on his own side deriding the Gala, however. Well, Tony Blair, whose constituency started less than a mile from the venue, never, ever turned up to it. You sound like him. 

Take it up with the Conservative MPs who are now desperate to attend it. As anyone may do, by the way. Do you think that I go at the invitation of the platform? 

At the last General Election, the Conservative Party became electorally dependent on constituencies that had voted for Jeremy Corbyn in 2017, and which would have done so again if he had stuck to his Bennite guns on Brexit. 

Accordingly, the Government has adopted Modern Monetary Theory for the purpose of heavy reindustrialisation under close central government direction, including a strong dose of public ownership, and with the trade unions in government. And things like the Durham Miners' Gala are now the national cultural mainstream. 

Existing Democrats found McGovernisation difficult, and existing Republicans found the Southern Strategy difficult. But they both happened. And this is happening. It just is.

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