Monday 27 July 2020

Eat It Up

Especially in the pages of the Telegraph titles and of The Spectator, the right-wing commentariat has spent 15 years demanding that Boris Johnson be made Prime Minister, and it is now entirely tied to any and everything that he might do. 

The issuing of limitless fiat currency in order to fund gigantic public infrastructure projects in constituencies that voted for Jeremy Corbyn once and sometimes twice. The removal of statues that had stood on every day of every Labour Government, often under Labour Councils.

The lockdown. Face masks. Quarantine. A ban on the television advertising of junk food before the watershed. A ban on such advertising online. Limits on buy-one-get-one-free offers. No more sweets at the checkout, by law. Compulsory calorie counts on foods eaten away from home.

The rail renationalisation that is being so seriously considered that that fact has been made public. Trade union leaders in government. Priti Patel's impending invitation of Black Lives Matter into government. Everything. The Centre is the think tank for this new era. It already has plenty going on.

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