Tuesday 16 June 2020

What Will The Centre Actually Do?

Initially, The Centre will hold a three-year cycle of annual day conferences outside London, in London, and outside Britain. The papers will be published. We are already in talks about next year's conference, our first. Eventually, we shall be holding three conferences per year, one outside London, one in London, and one outside Britain.

We also intend to develop a qualification for aspiring parliamentary candidates, of any party or none, who assented to our Founding Principles. Fees would be kept to a minimum, and would ideally be waived altogether for applicants who had not been awarded a university degree before the age of 25 if at all, who lived in rented accommodation, and who had annual incomes of less than £12,500.

And we shall be maintaining a network of people who, assenting to and embodying our Founding Principles, will be available for appointment to public bodies, or for consultation by them, regardless of which party were in government.

The Centre will also be funding itself partly by half-owning an editorially independent weekly magazine.

Great days, brothers and sisters. Great days.

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