Monday 27 July 2020

Fat Chance?

I am obese. I know what I have to do to stop being obese, and so does Boris Johnson. The difference is that for his anti-obesity campaign to have any credibility, then he himself would visibly need to lose weight.

Far from boring easily and moving on, Johnson was a two-term Mayor of London. And for good or ill, his first act on being given any executive authority was to ban the consumption of alcohol on the Tube. Johnson imposed the lockdown too late, with catastrophic results. He is lifting it too early, with catastrophic results. But this time could be different. 

If this time Johnson really did take account of the class and ethnic issues; bluntly, that means economic inequality. And if this time Johnson really did take account of the objective reality of biological sex. But who will be "bossy and nannying" enough to make him?

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