Wednesday 22 July 2020

Hove Into View

I would never ordinarily advocate voting Green, but let us hope that one of the Labour defectors who had just restored the Greens to control of Brighton and Hove will put up against Peter Kyle in 2024, and will take enough votes to deprive him of the seat, even if almost certainly not to win it. That campaign ought to have started today, and perhaps it has.

Anna Turley is out of Parliament after enough voters in Redcar agreed with Unite and with Anthony Hudson QC that she was "not fit to be an MP". Removing Kyle would mean, unless I am very much mistaken, that no one who had previously been on the staff of Hilary Armstrong would be left in the House of Commons.

Meanwhile, Lady Crook's own former seat would still be out of Labour hands, and her familiar would still never have been elected to anything apart from Lanchester Parish Council. With that legacy would she die.

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