Sunday 26 July 2020

Free, View

The Observer is running the Russiagate story as if everything had gone according to plan. The unhinged Carole Cadwalladr has two articles. Two. Of course, they are essentially the same article. They always are if they are by her. But even so.

If Labour were to get its way and RT were to lose its licence, then would the guests interviewed on, say, Going Underground, or Sputnik, or Keiser Report, or The Alex Salmond Show, be on Newsnight instead? Or on Channel 4 News?

Check who those guests have been. Keir Starmer wants to silence all of those voices, because of course he does. Thank goodness that he will never be in government.

In the meantime, not only should we be fighting to keep RT licensed and on Freeview, but we should be fighting for Freeview spots for Press TV, teleSUR English, EWTN, and Fox News. All five, as one.

For decades, I have been hearing from nominally British but for all practical purposes American commentators on the Right that, given the option, people in Britain would watch Fox News.

Well, then, let's give them the option. Along with these other options, none of which could be described as part of the metropolitan liberal elite of Keir Starmer and Carole Cadwalladr.

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