Saturday 25 July 2020

Boasty Gang No More

Not that I miss it, but last year I was permanently banned from Twitter for casually mentioning the fact, which had been universally known for at least 10 years, that the then bothersome but now forgotten figure of Luciana Berger had been given her seat in Parliament because of her relationship with Tony Blair's eldest son.

Apparently, that was "anti-Semitic", meaning that my stalker, the non-Jewish Oliver Kamm, had taken exception to it. As I say, I do not miss Twitter. But it has banned Wiley for only seven days, having initially done so for a mere 12 hours. 

If that means that the Kammite Tendency is losing its grip on power, then I would be the last to object. Readers of the comments on Guido Fawkes, a site that has repeatedly carried the Berger-Blair story, will know that Kamm is in the middle of a breakdown because I am not in prison, and any fuel to that fire is obviously to be welcomed.

I do love the idea that Jeremy Corbyn ought to discipline Wiley, as if Wiley were Corbyn's slave. That is how "centrists" see black people, and especially black men. John Mann is particularly hilarious. He effectively admits that his own appointment as "Antisemitism Tsar", of all the things to call it, was a piece of political fluff, since he expects Corbyn to do the job for him.

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