Thursday 23 July 2020

Freeze Speech

You have to call for RT to lose its broadcasting licence. And you have to say that if an official journalist produces highly controversial material about a politician, but that politician answers back, then that journalist should now sue him. Otherwise you are not on "the centre ground". And you wouldn't want that, now, would you?

The never-ending vilification of Jeremy Corbyn, even now that he is an Opposition backbencher who is almost certainly in his final term as an MP, is to distract the attention of the people who voted Conservative before 2019 from the economic programme that their party has adopted in order to hold and expand its gains on the Red Wall.

That, and not Covid-19, is the reason for that programme, which is the most left-wing of any Government since before the Budget of December 1976. The measures in question are not temporary, and they have not been adopted only in an emergency. They have always been the intention of Boris Johnson and of his successor, Rishi Sunak. The Centre is the think tank for this new era. It already has plenty going on.

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