Wednesday 22 July 2020

Hoisin Sauce For The Goose

It is a reversion to the post-War norm that Labour and the Democrats are much more hawkish than the Conservatives and the Republicans.

But if Britain can declare at least 300,000, and possibly three million, people in China to be British, then the European Union can declare everyone in Britain to be an EU citizen. It could decree that every British citizen was an EU citizen unless they specifically renounced it by paying an exorbitant fee in euros, and by filling in a form that would be accepted by post only.

That form could be in Bulgarian, which is the only official language of the EU to be written using the Cyrillic script. More or less nobody would bother with any of that. And lo, every British citizen would be subject to Shamima's Law, at risk of losing their British citizenship at a stroke of the Home Secretary's pen. Every single one, since even those who had renounced their EU citizenship would still be eligible for it.

The Russians, or the Chinese, or anyone else, could play the same game. All that it would need would be legislation in Moscow, or in Beijing, or wherever, to say that all British citizens were also Russian citizens, or Chinese citizens, or whatever, unless they went through some convoluted and expensive method of opting out. A method in which no language indigenous to these Islands would play any part, any more than would the pound sterling.

Most people would just ignore the whole thing, although Shamima's Law would still be hanging over them, whether or not they were paying any attention. But the metropolitan liberal elite, and those who deluded themselves that that was what they were, would make economic, social, cultural and political hay with their EU citizenship.

Realistically or otherwise, White Nationalists might cleave to Russia. And in the internal colonies, the number of those to whom the dream of 1949 would never quite die might even reach three million. It would certainly always be well over 300,000. Global Britain, indeed.

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