Sunday 26 July 2020

Rare Meat

As Tony Blair makes his weekly rare intervention, the only one worth hearing would be that he intended to be the parliamentary candidate that the Labour Party now needed at Sedgefield. Put up or shut up, Blair. Put up or shut up.

If an Establishment journalist had produced material that was highly critical of Blair, and if Blair had replied very robustly indeed, then would that journalist have invoked the English law of libel to sue Blair? For example, did Andrew Gilligan do that?

By suing Jeremy Corbyn, John Ware, who probably assumes it implicitly, has put on record the Establishment view that Corbyn never was a real Party Leader, and that despite having been an MP since 1983 he is not even a real politician. Presumably, he would not have been a real Prime Minister, either.

Keep those donations coming in. And Blair, announce yourself as the Labour candidate at Sedgefield. It is not as if Keir Starmer would contradict you. Put up or shut up.

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