Wednesday 22 July 2020

Full Evaluation

Jeremy Corbyn made this inevitable by signing up to the IHRA Definition, by never suing anyone who called him an anti-Semite, and by expelling Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth and Tony Greenstein. 

So today, Labour officially declared in open court that it had a hierarchy of race, with a category of rich white people at the top. Mass abstention, voting for small Left parties, and voting for locally organised candidates, will bring the Black Wall crashing down, first at next year's local elections, and then at the General Election of 2024.

The all-white Shadow Home Office team that has replaced Diane Abbott has been outflanked on the left by Priti Patel in the past, and now she is doing it again. In her sweeping reforms to Home Office culture, she should announce that each of the individuals listed here, and a nominee of each of the organisations listed either there or here, would now have a consultative role unless they chose to forego it, which would be their choice.

The same should be extended to the rapidly growing Haredi communities, which had excellent relations with Corbyn but were completely ignored in favour of declining communities of officially approved Jews, and which still do have such relations with the three MPs for most of them. Those are Abbott, Rebecca Long-Bailey, and Ian Mearns, who chairs the Socialist Campaign Group.

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