Friday 31 July 2020

Ee, Begum?

The Government has won the right to appeal against the court ruling to allow Shamima Begum back into the country. So keep saying it, because some people still do not seem to understand. Begum went to Syria to support the side that Britain was officially supporting there. 

We were backing them in Syria, although we were bombing them in Iraq, where our actions had created them from scratch. Without the invasion of Iraq in 2003, then there would never have been any so-called Islamic State.

In Syria, allegiances shifted, but there were two blocs, Assad and anti-Assad. The permanent core of anti-Assad was IS. With the regime, it was one of only two forces that could ever have won in the end. So, in siding against Assad, we sided with IS.

Who else do you think that we wanted, and officially still do want, to overthrow Assad? The Lib Dems? A schoolgirl who went off to join IS was still wrong. But she was not the most to blame here. Every British Government of Begum's lifetime is to some extent to blame for her.


  1. No we weren’t. You’ve been taken in by Assad’s propaganda, but ISIS is not the only opposition to the Assad tyranny. We were bombing ISIS in Syria as well as Iraq-both we and the US helped defeat and expel ISIS from the Kurdish city of Kobane, for example.

    1. Don't. I have forgotten more about the Kurds than you will ever know.